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Chris Carbon declined to be identified, preferring to be out of the limelight, to keep the focus on the project instead of him. He stated that he was not doing the project for his own fame or glory, but because he felt it needed to be done. In any case, we were happy to have a chat and take a little time to try and see the world through his eyes.

What is Carboncoin’s story? Where did the idea come from and how was it born?

It started as a venture into the unknown crypto world and the newly emerging technology. After we had fully accepted, understood and acknowledged the actual power of what we had at our disposal, it then became clear what to do with it. This was literally about taking the most pragmatic steps that we could, to fix the problems that we saw with the bitcoin project and then evolve it so that it actually does good things for everyone. It was just me being in the right place at the right time, following the absolutely obvious way to do the best thing that I could do with what I had in front of me. With that I mean facing the future with full honesty and saying what humanity was doing was unsustainable at the moment and something needs to change. Otherwise, there was imminent doom ahead.

How is Carboncoin funded? Can you explain the business model?

It’s being funded people who believe in it, simply because they agree and they think it’s the right thing to do. We initially grew the network by making it super easy for people to buy coins funding our activities by taking a small fee for doing so. The scope of the project is so vast that actually there are five business models at present, five different services that all monetize themselves separately at the same time as distributing coins, so the idea is that we use the network effectively and distribute the coins the same way as Bitcoin. There’s a fixed supply of Carboncoin floating in abstract space that is fairly distributed, which means that if we increase the number of users, then the value will increase and if that happens then we’ll have a central allocation of 4% of the total circulation that were donated by the first people to join the carbon coin network which will all be spent on biodiverse forestry.

In what areas does Carboncoin operate? Where are the planned areas of expansion?

It’s global already. There are a huge number of holders from a vast number of different locations and we’ve never sought to be anything other than as borderless as Bitcoin.

What environmental objectives has carboncoin reached already?

Carboncoin is different to other cryptocurrencies because we’re not trying to really be a cryptocurrency. We’re trying to be something bigger and we have accomplished a very thorough and well-researched strategy for implementing biodiverse forestry at scale all over the world using natural and native plants.

We want to plant as many trees as possible and we’re going to do that the right way – biodiverse forestry, and I want to bring the awareness to people.

Chris Carbon, Project Lead

We want to plant as many trees as possible and we’re going to do that the right way – biodiverse forestry. I want to bring the awareness to the people. This is something that the public can participate in directly without having any necessary power to actualize any change themselves. So now they can participate directly in something that has the power to help and I think that’s important.

What has been the biggest problems that you have faced in the development of Carboncoin? Have any laws (or lack of them) been an issue?

The laws haven’t been an issue because we’ve kept abreast of them but they have actually inhibited us from doing things that we needed to do, at times. One example is the fundraising which would have really changed things for us. However the biggest problem that we have faced is, given that we’re actually like two years older than Ethereum by the way, that we haven’t been able to pay people enough money to live to help us, so they have had to devote time to earning a wage also. So that’s the biggest problem that we’ve had and it just continued to be a problem over and over and over again and it’s been very character building for us.

Your website mentions a 150-year timeframe for environmental outlook. Can you explain a little more about this?

Yeah absolutely, 150 years is as a statement looking after future generations. It’s sort of saying further out than you will see in your lifetime and that’s an important statement. Trees have a sort of like a cubic graph of growth. A cubic graph of growth means a cubic graph of sequestration and when I say sequestration I mean the ability to take carbon out of the atmosphere. They do a whole load of other good stuff as well as regulating water, which is going to be a problem before carbon is. When the first two million trees are going to start growing exponentially, then it’s just going to get its quartic graph of carbon sequestration and then there is a real possibility to effect the emissions. I think it’s important for us to understand our limits to an extent but Carboncoin is really about what we say. Do what you can and be the best version of yourself!

How does Carboncoin plan to deal with the huge variances in the cryptomarket and instability in token price?

We have models in place to make the Carboncoin market and the price stable when we choose to. We have actually got some very interesting models, based on and taken from the conventional financial system. It’s simply explained something that can be used very easily, isn’t very volatile, works reliably and doesn’t have to be tagged to or backed by a real asset.

It’s not difficult to stabilize a price when you know what you’re doing, the conventional financial system has been doing it for a long time.

Chris Carbon, Project Lead

It’s not difficult to stabilize a price when you know what you’re doing. The conventional financial system has been doing it for a long time. What we’re all about is using the network effectively to make as much money as possible for planting trees.

Where do you hope to see Carboncoin in 5 years time?

I would like to see it as ubiquitous as PayPal. All the charitable objectives that we have set on course to being achieved – to see all the charities that we support, established and eventually I would like everyone to be dancing around and celebrating.

What do you think will be the biggest development in the crypto area in the next 5 years?

I see a huge amount of uncertainty in the global political system and I think there’s going to be lots of moves for the legislation. There’s going to be an acknowledgement by the conventional financial system that this technology is the future. For example, what recently happened with JP Morgan releasing its own JPM coin is encouraging. One of the key things about JP Morgan is that they have all of the licenses that you could possibly have in the financial sector and therefore they have a considerable advantage over other competitors. Another thing is quantum computing, which is going to get to the point where it can decrypt encrypted information. And AI, which I think has evidently already taken on something of a mind of its own. I think crypto is going to be a big interface between humans and AI in some form or another.

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