Weekly Report – Week 8

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Facebook. Coinbase. Samsung. JP Morgan. Big names and big headlines. “Facebook and JP Morgan are creating their own coins. This is bad…” “Omg Samsung is going to bring crypto to the people with their built-in wallet…” “Coinbase is a scam. Delete Coinbase! Security breach…” I like to let the news mature a bit before copy-pasting the big headlines. None of them are really energy related either, although they all play their part in the grand scheme of getting everybody to on-board blockchain technology. So far, the energy sector is making the most advances but the mainstream media doesn’t really want to talk about it.

Sometimes it’s a bit scary though when you remember there are thousands of crypto projects but only a few with actual working products, even after all the funding that was raised. Not to mention the “best team” and the “whitepaper 3.0” or the beautifully crafted “roadmap”. The good thing is that the sun is shining every day. In the energy sector you don’t need to make wild promises. Solar panels on the roof and a distributed ledger. Talking about the imminent future where anybody can produce energy, buy and sell electricity as they see fit. Well, to make this all work in a seamless fashion more things need to be in place (both software and hardware), but I hope you get the point. We are very close to making fundamental changes and the impact will be on a global scale. Solar power to the people! 😀

The German government seems to be at the forefront of fintech and blockchain in the EU. Several German automotive companies are reportedly looking at or already testing out the technology too. IOTA, a not for profit organisation, is often mentioned too when it comes to German blockchain technology. It is possible that during 2019 we will start to see real implementation in one sector or the other.

Newsweek announced the winners of its inaugural Blockchain Impact Awards, designed to recognize entrepreneurs and companies using blockchain for social good. The awards went to Bitlumens, Chronicled, Grassroots Economics, Prescrypto and SimplyVital Health. Bitlumens have an interesting take on solar, IOT, Latin America and women especially. More on the story here. A report from Investorideas predicts that blockchain microgrids will be the future of energy systems. Market to reach $30bn by 2022, more than 150 companies reportedly developing blockchain energy tools and blockchain investment in the energy sector will reach more than $5.8bn by 2025 (source). Forbes also has a very interesting article on how blockchain tech can be one of the key innovations to transform the renewable energy sector (source).

Blockchain Phones

We’ve mentioned mobile phones earlier and now HTC has finally launched the Exodus 1. Read the full article above for more. Samsung is not really playing in the same field since HTC, Sirin Labs and Pundi X are building their phones around the blockchain tech rather than just “adding an app” to store passphrases. Anyway, it’s nice to see more and more companies jumping on the bandwagon.

The Malta AI & Blockchain Summit (AIBC) is handing out 100 free booths to startups. Last year’s event was a huge success with 8500 visitors. This year’s edition is scheduled for the end of May (source). A report states that Solar beats nuclear, Kyocera and LO3 Join Forces For Blockchain-Based VPP (source) and here is a somewhat critical report on Power Ledger and their product (source). It remains to be seen who delivers and who talks, or who is pushing their own agenda.

Have a nice week and see you soon for the next report!

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