Weekly Report – Week 6

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The Internet was on fire recently. Jamie Dimon at it again. JP Morgan is launching their own coin and there is no end to it. If this was a marketing strategy it worked out really well: from making headlines while bashing the tech more than a year ago, to doing a complete 360 and making even more headlines… JPM coin to the mooooon! 😀

Google has been tracking and providing transaction history datasets over the past year for Bitcoin and Ethereum. It has now been announced that six more blockchain datasets have been added. A more detailed version of the story and use cases below.

The food industry is looking to adopt blockchain technology to the food chain supply. IBM Food Trust is one of the key players and now Walmart has announced that they will be using IBM Food Trust as the foundation or the blockchain-enabled Walmart Food Traceability (source).

Africa gets mentioned again. There is always something to write about the advances over there. Electricity is a scarcity. Value transfers are expensive, if not even impossible. But as always when there are problems there are an equal amount of opportunities. Wala, a Ugandan crypto startup, is making bold moves and partnerships. More on the story below.

For the more technical readers and people who are looking for proper energy market analysis, here and here are two 5-year market forecasts. It’s heavy reading and comes with a hefty price tag but provides significant insight into the whole sector and possible future growth.

While we are talking about energy, here is a brief overview of the 5 energy crises we are facing today. The article is written by a German company called ENERGY ONE and they are providing a similar solution to many other companies in the blockchain energy sector. Competition is good though and it remains to be seen when these companies really start to deliver on their promises.

A good incentive for this whole sustainability movement is the Paris Agreement. For those who haven’t really looked into the details, please click here. Another article on the current renewable energy trends can be found here. Below is a brief read about blockchain and where it’s most likely headed in the coming year. The graveyard, as some like to predict or call it, is most likely not the direction though.

Bitcoin, blockchain, technology, energy, sustainability, the future… Hot topics right now and in the unforeseeable future. To close out this weekly report, we will serve you with a “solar bitcoin mining farm” (source). See you guys again very soon!

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