Weekly Report – Week 5

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Hello world and hello readers! The sun is shining and according to the latest gossip, solar panels don’t care if it’s hot or cold outside. Photovoltaics convert energy from the sun regardless if you’re camping in front of a fireplace or melting away down under, just as long as the sun is shining! TIL 🙂

So, what are the big headlines this time? Fujitsu enters the blockchain wazoo. Created a “system that will allow electricity consumers to efficiently exchange any energy surpluses they may have through their own electricity generation or power savings” they say.

IoT is gaining traction and without a doubt Fujitsu will be playing a part too, amongst other big names, in the sector. On the other side, we have companies working on decentralized ledgers for all of the connected devices. As we all know, there are millions (if not billions) of devices ready to transmit an infinite amount of data per second and this number is only going up from here. The article below showcases three various “blockchain” projects working directly towards the IoT solution. Fast, free, secure and scalable are words that are important to include in all this but it remains to be seen how long it will take before the platforms are up for the task in the real world. Normally it takes years, if not even decades, for disruptive technologies to emerge and reshape these giants and their practices. Btw, the Danish Government’s Energinet is looking at IoT markets too. They are expanding their partnership with IOTA (not to be confused with the internet of things). Read more here.

We did an article as well as a visit on-site at the T77 Bangkok a couple of months ago. We mentioned the upcoming project in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai University, and it seems things are moving forward as expected. BCPG and Power Ledger are once again joining forces. The initial stage will include 100 buildings inside the campus and will later expand to commercial businesses in Chiang Mai town (source).

Barclays, with their Barclays Accelerator program, announced the latest cohort of ten companies for its 13-week London program, four of which are blockchain-related. It’s like somebody famous said on the world wide web “It’s not about if anymore but more about when“. More on the story here. And for all of you who require a bit more heavy reading, here is an article covering some of the current regulatory issues.

We talked about Africa before and we will continue to talk about it for a long long time. The continent is the sunniest on the planet and together with a population in immediate need of sustainable energy solutions, we can expect a rapid and continuing expansion in the field. Below are two articles providing some more insight.



From continents to islands, and from solar to cryptocurrency, below is an article with a different twist:

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world and now they are going green as well, or should we say Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the most sustainable sports arena in the world (source)! Needless to say, more people hear about the technology and even Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial focused on renewable energy this year (source). A Polish company called Saule Technologies is working on an “Inkjet” solar panel which could revolutionize green energy. Olga Malinkiewicz, the co-founder, has developed a novel inkjet processing method for perovskites — minerals for a new generation of cheaper solar cells — that makes it possible to produce solar panels under lower temperatures, thus sharply reducing costs. A thorough article can be found here.

This rounds up the weekly report and as a “bonus” we throw in two items. First, a list of three Renewable-Energy Stocks (source) and second, a list of four Energy Blockchain Companies to watch in 2019 (source). See you next week!

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