Weekly Report – Week 4

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How’s the “crypto winter” treating you? I hadn’t even noticed there was a winter, and for sure it wasn’t related to cryptocurrency or the energy sector. The topics are hot these days.

Facebook is working on a stablecoin, and together with their WhatsApp and other applications, they could reach billions of users. Facebook has done a complete 360 regarding crypto and could turn out to be a key player for the upcoming adoption (source). There are also rumors about Facebook planning to merge Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger (source).

Iran is planning to announce a state cryptocurrency. Iran has been hit with US sanctions and is amongst other things unable to use the global payment network Swift. Some exchanges are also blocking Iranian citizens. The counter seems likely to be crypto related (source) and other governments are looking into digital national currencies as well.

In Norway, excavators are tossing out diesel plants and replacing them with batteries. The broad conversion to EV is happening as we speak and as there are still many fields, appliances and technologies that haven’t converted, there are a lot of new business opportunities available. Being the first in the field doesn’t guarantee success, but somebody always has to be the first one right.

The world’s first and the world’s biggest… Buzzwords that show up every now and then, but they always gather our attention. This time it’s the “world’s biggest” battery-based energy storage site (source). AES Energy Storage showcased a 37.5-megawatt installation in San Diego, CA.

There is a lot happening in California and the USA in general when it comes to solar, batteries and green energy. Porsche is about to unveil its all-electric Taycan, a rival to Tesla, and they offer a 3-year free charging deal through Electrify America and its almost 500 charging stations. New battery technology will allow for faster charging, and a quick charge of 4 minutes would add up to 60 miles/96 km of range.

There are three blockchain phones on the market now and they are all a bit different in both software and hardware. Pundi X, HTC Exodus, and Sirin Labs. Read the full story here. There are also rumors of the upcoming Samsung S10 with a built-in crypto wallet. Needless to say, mobile phone manufacturers are incorporating blockchain technology. It remains to see how the public reacts.

The Swiss Crypto Valley grew to 750 companies late last year, and this was despite a 50% valuation drop in Q4 2018. Very interesting numbers in the article below.

TRON and EOS are outpacing Ethereum on the dApps front. It might be mostly related to gambling but developers are switching platforms fast (source). Venezuela and its oil-backed cryptocurrency Petro has come under scrutiny for a long time but seems to be real after all (source). Venezuela is struggling with hyperinflation and a possible civil war. Cryptocurrencies have been helping locals, with Bitcoin being the most popular to date. It remains to be seen what will happen to Petro if Maduro gets the boot though.

MIT creates a faster and more efficient cryptocurrency (source). Vault, as it’s called, is up to 99% more efficient compared to Bitcoin. This is in part a result of users only needing to download a fraction of the total transaction data. The project is to be presented next month at the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium.

Power Ledger seals another Japanese partnership. This time it’s a leading solar energy provider called Sharing Energy. The partnership is set to promote renewable energy consumption in Japan (source).

This wraps up this week’s report. Don’t forget to check out our Google and Twitter news feeds for more articles and related coverage at http://www.theenergybit.com and see you again next week!

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