Weekly report – week 1

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Happy New Year and welcome 2019! The year starts off in a nice fashion. There is a lot of positivity out there and many articles stating that this is the year when Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrencies really make their breakthroughs. Ethereum is planning to move from POW to POS. This would reduce energy consumption by up to 99% according to this report. There have been a lot of reports about cryptocurrencies being bad for the environment in some way or another, so this is a big step towards putting an end to that debate.

Bitcoin turned 10 years, again, and this time it was the anniversary of the mining of the Genesis Block. More about that story can be found here.
STO’s (Security Token Offerings) are probably coming soon and this is a better structure than ICO’s since they will be regulated. There is also talk about tokenizing shares and stocks of companies like Apple and Tesla.

According to MIT, “boring” Blockchain could become mainstream in 2019. Here is their prediction about the big players getting ready to play with blockchain technology. Coindesk published another nice summary of 7 important questions that require answering during this year and here is a Medium article with 7 trends to watch out for.

Power Ledger is getting a taste of the FUD. So far there has not been any official wrongdoing, and while the Australian Financial Review report claims some things, Power Ledger on the other hand replies with “There are a number of other inaccuracies and misconceptions in the article that we have raised with the newspaper. In the meantime, Power Ledger will continue to ensure the interests of consumers are put first.” Here is a list of Renewable Energy Trends to look out for by Forbes. This rounds up the first report of the year and below are the current top 3 players in the crypto-energy-sector and their performance for the last 7 days.

Power Ledger POWR -3.95% with a total market cap of $34,076,000

Restart Energy MWAT +20.46% with a total market cap of $7,572,000

WePower WPR -0,19% with a total market cap of $7,201,000

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