The weekly report – weeks 50 and 51

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Blockchain blockchain blockchain… The overall market sentiment changes faster than the BTC price. Last week looked like a potential bottom for 2018 and the headlines changed quickly from “Bitcoin is dead” to “Blockchain is here to stay”. Coinbase was mentioned multiple times and Facebook continues hiring people with blockchain skills and there is chatter about cryptocurrency or a stablecoin specifically developed for WhatsApp.

This week it’s “The bulls are back” after a small recovery followed by optimism. Western Union hints at adopting cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and with their 500.000 locations, that would be a huge thing. Bakkt futures might get approval in early 2019. The SEC and Bitcoin ETF’s challenge continues. Read more below.

With the holidays just around the corner, let’s hope for a peaceful market for a while so that we can enjoy dinner with family and friends without checking Blockfolio every minute!

Energy Related

Africa continues to be the main talking point. This time it’s KWHCoin with big plans for Sierra Leone in 2019. Below is a summary about Africa in general from Coingeek.

Elsewhere, the Spanish giant Acciona announced its plan on adopting blockchain. Bittwatt launched its trading platform and mobile app. Bittwatt Trading is supposedly the first trading platform in the world that uses blockchain technology and allows energy trading. Last but not least you will find the regular top 3 summaries further below. The last weekly report for 2018 will come out around New Year’s Eve and will be a summary of the past year’s events in general. Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone!

Top three energy coins performance according to market cap:

Power Ledger POWR +32.59 with a total market cap of $33,660,000

WePower WPR +27.26 with a total market cap of $7,950,000

Restart Energy MWAT +23.88 with a total market cap of $6,796,000

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