The weekly report – week 48

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Holidays are coming, and Santa has his bags full of tokens… I mean presents! Ho ho ho, it’s Monday again and lets take a look at last week’s events in crypto-land.

The last week of November sealed the fate for Bitcoins worst month in 5 years. Nevertheless, it’s business as usual and Sirin Labs launched their Finney as planned. There are mixed reviews out there, and one thing that struck me was that there were no reviews done by a seasoned “crypto user”. It’s important to think about adoption from a beginner’s standpoint, but it is more likely this phone will be bought by people who have already done their first cryptocurrency purchases. Kudos to Sirin Labs though, and HODL like Messi! Here is a Finney review by Cointelegraph.

There is chatter about BAKKT and delays with the Bitcoin Futures launch. Their Medium post can be found here. Bitcoin Cash hard forks are still trying to figure out their place in the market, and in reality…  By the way, it’s Dr Vitalik Buterin now, after a Swiss University awards him with an honorary doctorate. Satoshi might be making his way back from the shadows, after an old account becomes active after 10 years. The green crypto mining venture Envion was shut down by a Swiss judge.  And yes, Cryptocurrency mining has been under heavy criticism for its energy usage lately, and with the growing renewables market it seems like a natural move to tie them both together. Solar energy powered mining might be what we have been waiting for, at least until PoS takes over the PoW which is not so energy efficient.

As seen above, the big boys are making moves in the blockchain direction. While oil might not have anything to do with the future we are trying to build with green energy, it’s a step in the right direction. Overall, it feels like there are more and more headlines related to crypto, blockchains and energy industry in general. This is good, since reading about ICO’s, whitepapers and empty promises didn’t really turn out so well. 2017, cough, cough… The EU believes in solar and has just approved €600 million French public funding for solar energy installations. Africa comes up a lot and it’s no wonder since the existing infrastructure is nonexistent in many places. There is a huge demand for electricity and solar powered microgrids will change many lives for the better. More here. Meanwhile, Australia reports having over 2 million homes with solar panels installed, and below you can find another article about what is happening down there.

Last but not least, here are the top 3 energy tokens performances for the last 7 days:

Power Ledger POWR +14.79

WePower WPR +8.28

Restart Energy MWAT +16.68

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