Bangkok T77 precinct on-site tour

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Thanks to BCPG and Power Ledger for the interview and assistance

The Energy Bit traveled to Bangkok, more precisely to the T77 urban precinct. I met with Gloyta Nathalang – senior vice president of BCPG, on the rooftop of the Habito community mall where the solar panels for the project are located. It seemed I picked a busy day for them as there was a large number of other people admiring the solar panels as well. Gloyta told me that they had arranged a day for all the workers within the T77 urban precinct to see the solar panels. After posing for a few pictures we went for lunch in the Habito community mall and sat down and had an in-depth conversation about many things, including where the energy industry is headed.

Gloyta Nathalang

The T77 community is a well-planned development uniting green spaces, world-class restaurants, and high-quality residential units. It’s located on a plot of over 8 ha in the middle of Sukhumvit, with easy access to the Sky Train and Expressways. The area is designed and built with extremely high standards and is now turning into a truly international community as many of the units have been sold to foreign buyers. The canal and the San Samram bridge have an enhancing effect on the project, bringing it to a new level and allowing visitors to enjoy the benefits of locally sourced electricity in beautiful surroundings.

T77 Structure

Participants at T77 are equipped with smart meters, and residents of the Park Court condominium get their electricity from solar arrays already.

Gloyta has faith in the renewable energy sector and in terms of sun exposure,  Thailand is one of the best locations. However, the project itself has been quite a challenge. “It’s all about having the regulations in place, but since there are no regulations for peer-to-peer trading yet, that’s something we’ve been working with. The government is currently working with many stakeholders: the electricity authorities, the private sector, the tax authorities, and the customs office. Every stakeholder involved has to make sure the way forward is to distribute clean energy and to promote the market for prosumers.” The Thai government is now looking at which regulations to adjust and/or adapt to this new era of prosumers that will make a significant impact on this industry.


BCPG has a university pilot project going on in Chiang Mai. The project opened for bidding last year, and they won, in part because of technology that they could offer in addition to solar rooftop installations. The university is also looking to become a smart university, and that’s where their partnership with Power Ledger comes in. This venture will be something like the T77 project, but on a much larger scale since it’s up to 12 megawatts, which is almost 20 times bigger than T77. The installation of the solar panels starts at the beginning of next year, so before the end of 2019, we expect to see something up and running there. BCPG and Power Ledger are also planning to deploy a solution across multiple other prospective projects. BCPG is also looking forward to expanding beyond Thailand –  in Japan, they already have footprints in solar farms and are looking to expand further into Southeast Asia, so there can be as many projects as the opportunity allows.

We want to thank BCPG and Gloyta for such an interesting tour on-site, and Power Ledger for helping arrange this meeting. It gave us a real insight into how the pilot project was executed with the collaboration of the most successful companies in the blockchain energy sector. We look forward to following BCPG’s and Power Ledger’s journey and we wish you all the best and future success.

Pictures thanks to Estopolis and the T77community

– Eeki/The Energy Bit Team

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