The weekly report – week 46

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The BCH fork happened and now we have two separate chains. It remains to be seen if both will survive. There is a lot of chatter, and the community is very divided. Craig Wright’s continued claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto was best answered by “If you truly are Satoshi Nakamoto then disappear for another 10 years.”

BTC started to fall again and is currently hitting new lows for 2017. The bulls are nowhere to be seen, the markets are bleeding and the total market cap is diminishing fast. 

Now, for the more interesting news! Power Ledger is launching an energy trading platform in the United States together with American PowerNet and CEBN. More here. Spain is making a bold statement and set an example with the plan of going 100% renewable by 2050. Buying a Tesla is reportedly the best thing you can do for the environment. They are also ramping up production with their Solar Roof, and together with Panasonic, there are now 800 people working full time at the Gigafactory 2. It is fair to say that renewable energy and green power are making a global impact!

The 3 weekly winners and losers in the energy sector are as follows:

4NEW KWATT +36.14

Cryptosolartech CST +24.00

Energycoin ENRG +0.00


WePower WPR -45.13

KWHCoin KWH -42.72

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