The weekly report – week 44

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October 31st marked the 10 year anniversary since the release of the Bitcoin whitepaper. The market doesn’t look like there is any cause for celebration, and the sideways movement continues. In the following days, there was a minor exchange hack in Canada and then there was a meltdown in terms of the founder of Oyster Pearl PRL “Bruno” printed 3 million coins and dumped them on the market causing the price to plummet, followed by a complete chaos regarding the actual future of the whole project. The remaining people involved and the community is trying to find a way to salvage the project, figuring out the true identity of “Bruno” and bringing him to justice.

On the energy side, there is some news worth mentioning. Fantom is partnering with IoT energy giant Danfoss. It’s also interesting to note that Fantom is utilizing DAG instead of regular blockchain technology. Japanese Kepco is making moves and plans a second blockchain-related project. Earlier this year they partnered with Australian company Power Ledger.

The 3 weekly winners and losers in the energy sector are as follows:

Carboncoin CARBON +99.27

WePower WPR +12.63 

RestartEnergy MWAT +12.30

RusGas RGS -88.64

Cryptosolartech CST -42.43

KWHCoin KWH -29.17

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