The Weekly Report – Week 43

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As BTC continues to hover around 6400 USD, the daily volumes, token prices and market caps continue to shrink. Most of the alts continue to see red and the energy coins are no different from the trend. Considering the number of projects there is not much to report on the development side. Power Ledger and WePower made headlines this week, but there is also a Nigerian startup called OneWattSolar that grabs our attention.

News related to the biggest projects based on market cap and a new kid on the block

Power Ledger wins Richard Branson’s Extreme Tech Challenge, WePower sets out to tokenize the Estonian power grid and OneWattSolar is tackling the Nigerian energy crisis through solar panels and blockchain. Click the links below for further reading on the subject.

Top 3 winners and losers in the energy sector last 7 days:

Cryptosolartech CST +5.30%
Envion EVN +5.25%
Grid+ GRID +4.80%
RusGas RGS -55.78%
Energycoin ENRG -47.86%
Carboncoin – CARBON -41.56%

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