The Weekly Report – Week 42

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This week we note that while there has been very little in the way of news to affect the market, but volumes and market size is so small that it is possible for a few trades to change things significantly. The markets looked good generally, with the exception of the BTC/Tether movement that had a significant effect on prices across the charts. We also noted that new stable coins are on the rise due to the suspicions and controversy regarding Tether USDT. After the BTC action, the market has settled and is back to business as usual.

News related to the biggest projects, based on market cap, in the past week

Grid+ “has successfully started to supply 4 homes in Texas. Through the use of a unique hardware gateway system and a blockchain solution, the startup has been able to distribute renewable electricity like solar and wind energy to consumers throughout the US on the Ethereum mainnet.” (from 24/9)


We received a tip that We power are currently in the works to launch a new project soon, we will give you more news as we get it. 


Nothing to report this week

Power Ledger

Power Ledger is working together with Thai energy utility BCPG in order to test blockchain technology for peer-to-peer (p2p) energy trading in a neighborhood in Bangkok.” (from 15/10),perths-power-ledger-turns-excess-electricity-into-cash.aspx


Nothing to report this week

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